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The world's first game-lottery project that fundamentally changes the concept of earning and entertainment.

A game where everyone
Welcome to the era of full transparency in the world of gambling, eliminating any risk of human intervention.
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Pegasus is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain using smart contracts to create the 1st fair gambling game, without manipulation and with full transparency.
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Revolutionary world of gambling and lotteries
Enjoy fast games and instant winnings, experience the atmosphere of real gambling entertainment from the comfort of your home.
Overview of features and capabilities
The dynamic 'circles' game offers up to 1.7% daily returns, starting from a 50 USDT BEP20 deposit, with the ability to withdraw your deposit and interest at any time.
Equal investment game for everyone, with fund distribution among participants
Roadmap 2024
Product Launch (Sphaira, Dianomi): Official launch and start of operations.
Start of marketing campaign: Deployment of a digital marketing strategy to attract initial users.
Partnership with cryptocurrency influencers: Collaboration to expand audience reach.
Platform optimization and update: Collecting user feedback and making improvements.
Implementation of new security features: Improving data protection and transaction mechanisms.

Integration of other blockchains to popularize and attract additional user traffic.

Connecting the ability to participate in the project using debit and credit cards.

Launch of VIP program for active users: Introduction of loyalty and bonus programs.
Update of the Sphaira game: Introduction of new levels and features for players.
Expansion of the list of supported cryptocurrencies: Allowing users to deposit in various cryptocurrencies.
Launch of mobile app: Development and release of apps for iOS and Android for user convenience.
Special "Autumn Marathon" promotion: Month of draws with increased chances of winning.
Integration with DeFi projects: Creating synergy with decentralized finance projects to expand user capabilities.
Organization of online tournaments: Competitions between users with large prize funds.
New Year's mega DRAW: Organization of the largest draw with the highest prizes of the year.
Plans for the next year: Announcement of development plans for the next year, including the launch of new games and features.
Annual achievement report: Publication of a report on progress and goals achieved over the year.
Charity DRAW: Event aimed at supporting a selected charity organization.